haritu kita jalan sekali

best kan jalan smbil bergurau

tp lg best kalau awk bg hadiah tu

hadiah tu lar yg sy x bley lper

hadiah itu ialah senyuman awk

esok2 bila sy dah x ley jalan

saya nk awk iringi saya

masa neh sy dah x bley pnggl awk mcm slalu

awk yg kena datang

masa ni gak sy nk hadiah lg tp sy x nk senyuman awk tu

saya nak Al-Fatihah

awk bacekan untuk saya ekh sbb sy dah x bleh bc sendiri


bila ada org ltk sy bwh papan

awk jgn nangis atau cr sy sbb sy dah x bley nk tegor awk ag

p/s:sesiapa yang bace friendship forever k?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

aq rindu..

hye blog...long time not see u...
dear blog...
i know that u're my true fwen in my life now...only u could hear everything that happend 2 me...whether it was sad,happy or mke me angry...
dear blog...
why can't we find true friends? who can trust me,love,cre of me and layal to me an also being honest to me...several fwens that i've got only want to mke me disaster...they r not sincere to me...i love them as my siblings...all my feelings i told what was my mistakes??? what???untill now i dont know what is really happend to my fwenship with my 'ex' bff...owh dear i really miss them so much...they understand me bt haaa.......i dont know what they thought about me... :(

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